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✔  Learn Laptop & Mobile Motherboard Repair From The Certified Technician.

✔ Less Theory, More Practicals   

✔ Get Trained For Your Future Today   


As a Macbook specialist, you can start your own business, soon after the completion of the course. Also, you will have all the adequate skills required to work in the IT department of any company.
This course has an extra advantage of working from home, with least infrastructure requirement. You can also outsource your skills if required and earn a handsome salary.


After completing this course, you can start earning instantly. After becoming a mac technician, you can learn advance iDevice repair skills which will help you to take a job in any IT firms.


iPhone, iPad and iPod Repairs Course

iPhone, iPad and iPod Repairs Course:


How to Repair pretty much anything on iPhones and how to make good income doing it.

Learn techniques to bring back iPhone to life, which Apple don't want you to know about.

  • You'll discover how to troubleshoot & repair Laptop/Mobile Motherboard

  • Tools and Test Equipments

  • How To Fit/Install Laptop Hard Drives

  • Advance chip-level Laptop Motherboard repair

  • IC Chip Soldering & Desoldering

  • Motherboard Overview: Main Signals of Motherboard And How motherboards Work with Different ic

  • Motherboard Ic Chip Components Common Problem Of Different Motherboards

  • Connector Socket Basic problems ,circuit diagram,& repairing steps, Problems & Solution

Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair Mastery :


All elements of smartphones (iPhones, Samsung HTC, Sony Etc), tablet & iPad repair.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair Mastery

Smartphone Repair Training Program

Smartphone Repair Training Program


The program covers all the skills required to repair and service all types of GSM and CDMA handsets. The training here starts from basics and goes up to advanced troubleshooting of hardware and software faults. People prefer to learn mobile servicing at a technical institute like LSMT because of its systematic and in-depth training on all topics. After completing the mobile phone repairing course, the trainee can easily make a career in repairing and servicing, either by working as a technician or starting his own mobile phone repair business.

LEVEL 3 Soldering & IC Repair 


  • Soldering

  • Desoldering

  • Motherboard repair 

  • BGA Controller Chip Structure and Design

  • Circuit board block diagram layout architecture - For Component Repairs

  • Physical damage repair and troubleshooting techniques


Back light IC Repair, Touch IC replacement, Identification of circuit fault, Schematic Diagram Reading,

Re balling Techniques, Re Flow science, On Board Soldered Charging Port, On Board Soldered Sim, Card Connector, On Board SD Memory Card connector, On Board Multi Pin Data Port, On Board Battery Connector, On Board Multi Vibrator, Repair LCD, Ribbon flex cable, Camera & touch screen glass, digitizer board plug-in connectors, RF Shielding removal using proper heating element, No network signal or unstable signal, Repair missing on-board components, circuit bridging & Jump ring techniques

LEVEL 3 Soldering & IC Repair 

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