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About Us

Apple Repairs Mac Care™ provides you superior Apple Repairs Mac Care™ with any technical issue at any point of time. When you can’t afford to waste your productive time with mediocre repair services, we ensure you a quick, efficient, economical and flawless Apple Repair Mac Care™.
When you think about a Mac, iMac, iPhone, iPad and iPod repair, “Apple Repairs Mac Care™ in Bangalore” is for you to solve your devices problems.

How to get your Apple product repaired ?

One of our customer service staff will contact you ASAP. Drop in Apple Repairs in Koramangala. If you are in central Bangalore and you would like to bring an Apple device for repair without long waiting time or needing an appointment, Drop in to our ,Koramangala ,Domlur  Branch. 


We are open all seven days of week.


Apple Repairs Mac Care™ use:

Anti-static mats and antistatic wrist-bands are used when a chip level service to be done on a PCB & anti-static covers are used to carry/ preserve the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Why Us




Our Customers

Once Apple repairs make a commitment to a customer or another associate, Apple repairs Mac Care™ promise to fulfill it on time

Our Engineers

We service and repair all Apple products and you can rely for repair of your Apple device with our engineers who are fully trained & Certified technicians, who Fix your device quickly in perfect working condition.

Our Service

Apple repairs promise to do right job the first time and to continually seek performance improvement.

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