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The best way to test your iPhone Battery

Apple has said that it throttles the CPU on iPhones with degraded batteries and at such a point of time , let us look at a few ways that you , the user can check battery performance and usage . Listed below are a few simple and effective methods to do the same .


Settings on your iPhone


The quickest and easiest way to check your battery health is by going directly to Settings > Battery on your device. This option gives you basic details, if your iPhone / iPad battery needs to be serviced. Do note that this status is shown only in case your iPhone Battery status is poor and needs to be serviced and not otherwise .


Console App on Mac

The console app that comes pre installed on Macs gives you a little more details about the iPhone and iPad battery health status . It is fairly simple and can be done as follows .

Launch Console on your Mac , plug your iPhone/ iPad to your computer via the Lightning cable, and type batteryhealth in the search field (remember to unlock your iPhone and select Trust this computer on the iPhone to enable access to the iPhone/ iPad ) .

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